With the current pandemic, many people need spiritual care. Many people are asking why this is happening? Is it a Divine punishment? If there is God, why does not God intervene? What is the reason for praying if we do not see an immediate result for what we wish for? Many people are grieving the loss of loved ones, jobs, social events, and a sense of security. Others are feeling lonely, or scared, or stressed.

If there is a time at which chaplains are needed, it is this time

If you want a way to serve, to help, or to know how to personally deal with life difficulties, and guide others to attain spiritual wellness, you may consider joining this program.


 You can now enroll in unit 3 or 4 before 1 and 2

Why should you enroll now?


Tuition for general chaplaincy education:

$600-$800 sliding scale per unit (does not include books)

Tuition for Sanative Pastoral Education [Equivalent to CPE:]

$1000-$1200 sliding scale per unit (does not include books)

You can pay in full, or you can pay $30 extra and pay in three installments

Refund Policy

A full refund will be granted if you withdraw after the first two weeks. After the two weeks period, a financial penalty may be applied.

Ready to enroll?

The deadline for Enrollment is January 10th.

Applying for General Chaplaincy 
Applying for Sanative Pastoral Education 
Upon receiving students' applications, students will receive an invitation to their google classroom, a week by week unit's syllabus, and a link to the Universal Chaplaincy virtual library for resources of extra educational material in chaplaincy. Sanative Pastoral Education students will receive an appointment for an interview.