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Amany Shalaby. M.A.
Founder of Universal Chaplaincy
Member of The Association of Muslim Chaplains
MWO's Hakima / Chaplain
Shadhiliyya Sufi Order's Hakima/Chaplain
Faculty Member at the Universty of Sufism

- Amany obtained her certificate of completion of CPE Level I from Adventhealth. 

- She earned her post-graduate diploma in Islamic studies from the Islamic College of Advanced Studies in London in 2002


-In 2015 she earned her master's degree in comparative philosophy of religion from Middlesex University in London. 


- She obtained an ijazah (license) from Sidi Shaikh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal, who was the Imam for al-Masjid al-Aqsa and the Head of the Sufi Counsel in Jerusalem for thirty years. She served for twelve years as the Shaikh's simultaneous interpreter and she translated twenty books on Islamic spirituality, written by the Shaikh. Shaikh Muhammad al-Jamal taught that there is only one Divine message for humanity: It is the message of unity, love, peace, mercy, justice, and freedom for all.

- She has eighteen years of experience providing spiritual care for several Shadhiliyya Sufi communities across the states.

- She is currently serving as a chaplain and gender equity coordinator for Muslim Women's Organization. 

- In her teachings, She integrates science, psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and clinical chaplaincy skills and experience. The foundation of her teaching is compassion, empathy, deep reflective listening, and facilitating a way for people to find meanings in life. To her, love is the main transformational Divine Power. She believes all religions have a spiritual path that can guide people to know themselves and know their Masterful Nurturer. She has a unique way of representing the common truth in all religions. She loves to participate in interfaith events to foster harmony and understanding. 

- She is the author of The Essence of CreationThe Emanation of Consciousness, Hidden Pearls, and is working on an upcoming book, The Seven Levels of Consciousness. She also authored two children's books published by Richard Ownes Publications Inc.: Goha and His Donkey, and The Little Puffer Fish.

Universal Chaplaincy.jpg

Sara Rifqa Guillot, Ph.D., M.Div.

Educational Psychologist 

Master Degree of Divinity

Sufi Hakima 

- Rifqa obtained all her degrees at the University of Texas: BS in education, 1966; M.Ed. in Special Education, 1968; Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

- In her work as a psychologist and teacher, she has assumed multiple roles in a diversity of settings, including a professor at the University of Texas, clinician in private practice, therapist at a psychiatric hospital for severely emotionally disturbed adolescents, founder of special education for Head Start in Austin, Texas, and other various roles and functions related to education and psychology.


- In 1992. She has also worked with a hospice program in Napa Valley for several years as a volunteer.

- Rifqa obtained her Master's Degree of Divinity from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism.

- Rifqa is a retired psychologist.


- She has been a student of Sufism and a Muslim for 19 years.


- She has played an active role in the education and administration of the Shadhiliyya Tariqa, including governing board members


- She served as a mentor for students at the University Of Spiritual Healing and Sufism for several years.


- She has also led national women’s retreats on various aspects of Sufism.

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