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Universal Chaplaincy is endorsed by the following organizations:
The Shadhiliyya Sufi Order Communities
Islamic Society Leading Muslim Americans
Muslim Women's Organization (MWO) 
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Wellness Coach

Imam Abdurahman Sykes

Master of Religious Practice, LCSW, Chaplain at Rollins College.

"As a retired chaplain who served in the correctional, hospital, and Academic environment for 30 years, I recognize in Amany the qualities necessary to be an excellent chaplain and Educator. I have known her for 18 years. She is open-minded, sensitive, and has a centered presence rarely seen. She is humble, modest, sincere, unbiased, objective, open, and possesses exceptional coping skills.  She is empathic while maintaining emotional stability. Amany celebrates and embraces diversity and has the highest sense of ethics."


Fatima Sadaf Saied

Executive Director 

Muslim Women's Organization

This class, in just this half of the semester, has really built a greater understanding of emotions and the underlying needs of the spirit.  Without this class, I would have been healing symptoms without addressing the deeped demands of the spirit.

 think Amany Shalaby is a treasure for our community.  Rather than shying away from issues or difficult conversations, she encourages us to dig deeper and try to develop a richer understanding and always connects us back to the Divine.  While building an understanding of our tradition, she incorporates these principles into a curriculum that applies to our lives today.


Aminah Hamidullah

Founder of Knowledge for Living Inc.

"It is my pleasure and honor to share my thoughts regarding Amany Shalaby, in the role of a chaplain she is above par. She is an overall compassionate knowledgeable individual. She is for sure my all-around ‘go-to’ person. I have known Amany for over 10 years and her commitment to her work is exemplary. I am confident that her professional skills along with her compassion and sensitivity make her a powerful addition to any organization. Her knowledge in her field of study has proven over and over again to be above par. For sure, she is one that seeks to perfect any endeavor she is committed to."

Signing Contract

Abdul Latif Dan Howard

Owner/Acupuncturist at Shen Garden Acupuncture

"Amany; I appreciated your balanced even keen nature that holds the hearts steady while you gently encourage each one to grow. I deeply respect the knowledge you bring to your classes and your patience with the group. Your dedication to helping beloveds with seeking knowledge is a real gift to all of us. ​.

Rifqa; I appreciate your direct honesty, I always know where you are and how you are because you don't try to hide and be different from your own truth. I value your wisdom and practical insights into people. You encourage me to keep it simple and just speak the truth. You love and give with such a beautiful heart.”


Debra Mastura Graugnard

M.Div., Creator and Founder at Joyfully Living Wellness

" I was attracted to this program because of Amany’s knowledge, sincerity, and humility.  I’ve come to appreciate even more your inner strength and devotion.  As an engineer, you have a unique way of approaching spirituality – a systematic way of structuring proof, which strengthens conviction and sends doubt packing.  As a mystic, you bring the facts to life, experienced through the feelings of the heart and the wonderment we experience by witnessing the miracles of Allah’s expansive creation.  All that has come together in this group appears to be a reflection of you.  Your hidden pearls are coming ever more clearly into view. 

To Rifqa Guillot:   You have continued to bridge for us the teachings of Allah and His Essence into the practice of Allah with His Presence as manifest through His Creation.  What good is knowing Allah if we do not practice Allah in every interaction?  If we do not seek to understand Allah through understanding each other, and then helping each other to understand ourselves?  This is the reminder you bring, the keys to compassion, love, peace, and unity."

Designer Notebook

Mariam Morabet

student of the Shadhiliyya Tariqa

Amany: A guide sent from The Guide…the knowing teacher…the beloved sister, the sincere friend. The humblest…the heart, her inner being elevated up high. Yet humble. Beautiful Humility. This is the epitome of height. A servant once said:“ Oh Allah, guide me to the one who will guide me to you”…and …she appeared. She said…let us begin with “ Bismilahi Rahmani Raheem…”. Humble. Loving, open, yearning, excited, ready, content, and willing… “ labaik Allahu ma Labaik”  says her surrendered heart. And here we are… walking… the Muhammadan light…with her heart…it is so bright…light upon light. Her beautiful words, her beautiful love, her care, her continuous giving…deep deep deep teaching …heart space…grace…an expression of His Infinite Love ...His Infinite Giving…His Infinitely Merciful embrace."

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Nura Laura Benghal

Peace Mediator

"I’m so grateful for the deeply transformative and intimate experience we have had together in this beautiful program and for the holy container that Amany and Rifqa have held for us to grow together. Alhamdoulillah!  Rifqa – my teacher.  What I learned through you is how to be with myself and others wherever we are, how to accept and love myself more completely, how to be vulnerable and engaged with my humanity while surrendering to Allah, how to value the gifts that Allah has given me, and how to gracefully and cheerfully accept this lifelong journey of continuous transformation and growth and development in Allah’s womb. May Allah bless and reward you and elevate your station and keep guiding you closely and giving to you through His Generous Quran. Amany – my teacher. What I learned through you is how to cultivate joy and belonging through my intimacy with Allah, how to develop the inner love and peace and mercy and freedom and justice of the tree of life while also developing the outer bark and protection of the Sharia, the Quran, the sunna of our beloved walking Quran Prophet Mohammad SAW and all of Allah’s prophets SAW. May Allah bless and reward you and elevate your station and make you a

bridge between all people of all faiths and mercy for all of humanity."

Checking Text on a Document

Carol Zahra Lee

Owner/Director at Lumina Healing Services

Alhumduallah! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the program!!! I am in the class now and I can attest to how wonderful, informative, deep, supportive, healing, and transformative this class has been in addition to all the outer knowledge we have been taught and have been learning! With Amany Shalaby and Rifqa Guillot how could we not be receiving deeply on the inner and outer?! It is professional training for those who seek to become formal chaplains and it is also excellent training for those formally or informally supporting family, friends, community members, clients, and others as well.

So many useful perspectives, tools, and knowledge. I love love, love this program, the teachers, and the participants. Allah has blessed us with this gem! Those who know Amany as a teacher, will only love and appreciate her even more and for those of you who do not know Rifqa, you will be in for a treat! They are a high-caliber team with deep insights, knowledge, experience, integrity, kindness, love, mercy, compassion, and lots of WISDOM! Ya Allah Ya Hakim!”

Old Documents

Zia Habib


Amany, you exhibit beautifully what religious and spiritual look like when combined together. The humility and expansiveness that accompanies your knowledge and wisdom have taught me volumes, and Rifqa your observation is like a laser beam that pierces through the thickest of fog and hits its destination right on target. So many times in class you accurately articulated things that I too was thinking about but didn’t have the words to express. You both have been a very positive influence for me and taught me how to approach an issue, where to look, and how to navigate a conversation."

Woman Typing

Denisa Hoxha

Social Worker

"Amany - You are an amazing leader. You are so understanding and gentle and balanced and keen in your observations. I feel how much you are completed with playing a healing role in the world. Your story has inspired me to find what I was meant to do in life and to always do it with kindness and with the intention of making what’s around me healthier and expressing Allah’s love.  

Rifka - Whenever you talk I feel like I have more to explore and I feel an excitement for learning more about myself and the world. You love people and you are always excavating it seems to me, no matter how many lessons you’ve gathered - it’s not enough. I am so happy I met your adventurous spirit. It has made me more thrilled with life.",

Work on laptop

Kim Rahmana Phipps


"Amany: Holy, wise, beautiful integration of all the avenues of Knowledge. Able to brilliantly lead people beyond their challenge with just the right amount of “religion” and practical compassion. My experience is that Amany teaches Sidi’s teachings in a way that is “right” and unique in-depth and practical application to what I’ve learned from Sidi’s other teachers. She inspires me and nurtures me in a way that is balanced mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Rifqa: Holy, wise, and able to see where people really are in a deep way, able to connect and then provide insight that is just the right medicine at just the right time in a beautiful, transforming practical way. Rifqa sees wisdom in everything. Her comments are profound and sometimes seem “magical” because they are so on-target!"

Mobile Phone

Sanaa Zerrou

Member of the Shadhiliyya Sufi Community

I have known teacher Amany Shalaby for many years. I'm a student at the University of Spiritual healing and Sufism and have met Amany through the Shadhiliyya Sufi community. I have always felt comfortable around her. She is an outpouring of the unconditional love of a mother. I have sought her spiritual direction in times of questions and doubts and she was always here to offer me deep listening. She has helped me connect to my true self to find my answers. I truly consider Amany a spiritual mother. And it such an honor to have her in my life.”

Document with Pen

Kathleen Na`ama McCreedy

Hospice Volunteer

​"Amany:  The dynamic between me and my beloved sister and teacher Amany is ever-evolving.  Today I feel she is an important teacher for me on a more multi-dimensional level of the spiritual and of how to integrate the “Reality” in the world as a true servant of Allah.  Due to my ever-present trust in her integrity and knowledge, I signed up for this class.  My love and appreciation for her gifts have only grown through this experience.  Thank you, my dear friend, sister, teacher, fellow lover of Allah. 

Rifqa:  The dynamic between me and my beloved sister and teacher Rifqa has also evolved but even more so than with sister Amany as I did not before look upon my sister Rifqa as “my” teacher.  Even though at a deep level Allah (swta) sends everyone for me as my teacher.  It’s interesting to reflect on this at this time in the course.  I am learning much from sister Rifqa as she truly embraces and trusts the expression of Love that Allah is sending through her “right now... at the moment”.  Her example is helping me to trust in the unique expression Allah sends through me in being more authentic and open and brave."


Adam Stadheim


"Really valued the mentorship of both Amany and Rifqa. Both pushed in in a different manner, Rifqa general in a very focused and direct manner, zoning in on particular issues, while Amany encouraged me, in general, to keep a broad mind when approaching spiritual religious issues.",

Digital Book

Jaylan Abd Elrahman

M.ED. and Currently in a Ph.D. Program of Counseling Psychology

Amany: I am so moved with the gentle ways you gift the world spiritual knowledge and guidance. I have learned a lot from witnessing the ways you offer care and the ways you engage with religion. Your authenticity and control over ego are so refreshing to find in a leader and make your impact that much more potent. Every piece of advice and insight you offer I sit with for the rest of the week. This is a testament to the power of your words. My only wish and advice to you are to continue to expand your influence in the community as I think what you offer is hard to find for ordinary Muslims. May God facilitate that inshAllah.


Rifqa: You have shown us the ways vulnerable leadership is often the most powerful. You allowed us into your heart, fears, and triumphs and by doing so, shared with us so many lessons. This is in addition to the concrete knowledge you unapologetically inserted into our conversations, making us think about the issues from different perspectives or more carefully. The questions you always threw at me to consider may have been a blip on your radar but were major for my growth. They were always the questions I needed to sit with. My only feedback is to continue to share the pieces on psychology’s intersections with the themes we touch that you have insight about more formally. Thank you for your courage and your leadership."

Image by Nick Morrison

Reem Elkhaldi


“I loved the way the class was structured and the space for open discussion. The classes were engaging, as we covered topics from different perspectives, and it was always interesting. Every class really felt like an investment in myself, as I learned new things each time we met. I found the experience to be spiritually grounding and validating. I would recommend the class to anyone looking for personal or professional enrichment.”,

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Nura Loura Laird

M.ED. and Currently in a Ph.D. Program of Counseling Psychology

There's a lot of new information and new perspectives that are very uplifting and provocative. Often this info challenges me emotionally and makes me grow. Amany presents a wide range of info that expands and enriches the main subject matter. I find the program very stimulating.  in the same way.I teach and work with clients constantly, and find myself incorporating much of the teachings in the chaplaincy program. Sometimes, those teachings are exactly what someone needs in the moment, and without this program, I would not have helped the person in the same way. Since starting the training I have found personal growth in multiple areas of my life. I have found spiritual maturity, strength and understanding both from a secular and islamic perspective. The training has also allowed me to gain understanding of the source of human suffering and how to empathize with people in their suffering. I have also learnt to see the spiritual and ritual aspects of our religious practices.Learning the various levels of happiness, sadness or spirituality have been very enlightening.

The training has taught me to be a more compassionate listener. I have a better understanding of human pain and suffering. The training has also taught me to be more content and spiritually grounded.

Image by Nick Morrison

Fatimah Jah


“The Hakima program is well rounded and encompasses various perspectives in an unbiased manner. As far as the curriculum is concerned, I believe it is comprehensive as it is currently. I would like to see the option for in person training with mock clients seeking counseling. This will allow us the opportunity to interact with the client as one would normally in a real world situation. Otherwise, I would highly recommend the Hakima program to anyone seeking emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth.”

Writing with Pen

Farah Yameen

“This program exceeded my expectations.  I came to the program thinking that parts of me that were emotionally blocked would be open to change, and I came out feeling whole much more spiritually and emotionally.  I have grown and healed from so many themes the class has explored.  I am better in tune with myself. And I am more comfortable with guiding others. When Sr Amany speaks of her fellow peer’s journeys, she has such a profound love for their life journey. There is no judgment. She is void of asserting a view that may hurt them. Instead, a tender heart is what I’ve seen Sr Amany always display. I have come out of this Program with so much admiration for humanity. In the end, we all are striving for love and care from our loved one. So, I came out with the concept that if we can give out love without judgment, without the strings attached, then we have grasped the universal connection. It is love that is the common denominator, that connects us regardless of faith.”

Hazel's Photo.jpg

Hazek Gomez

I loved the different modes of learning. I loved the personal reflections plus the analysis which helped open my mind and my heart. And what I mean by it was even beyond of what I wanted. I can get stuck in my head and to be able to and be forced to open my heart. was difficult, but it was definitely a blessing, and the attitude and expectations were everything that I really needed.

I love that the class is small as well, which is helpful in getting to know one another on a completely different level. It allowed me to get out of my mind and open up my heart to the other three souls in the class. I love to continue with the program. I would love to share this with other people who are also doing the work of helping one another, but to be able to go through a curriculum is really helpful for someone who wants to be a chaplain and working to be a hakima.

 through this program with the different modes of learning we were able to unpack these very difficult very universally human questions.

I didn't know what to expect when I signed up. As someone who helps people, as someone who responds to phone calls and text messages and everything under the sun, and gets Q &A questions after public speaking, I know that I needed a route to get more formalized in how to help people and this universal chaplaincy program was beyond my expectations. It was everything that I truly needed, not only for myself, but also to help the world.”

American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute Advisory Council


“I look forward to class each week and consider it part of my self care in the spiritual realm. Sister Amany is a source of light and compassion that has helped me heal as well as translate to others as I begin my journey exploring spiritual chaplaincy. Not only am I changing my way of approaching difficult situations, I am also seeing life through a broader lens. I see life as healing and spiritual growth to ultimately gain a closer bond to Allah SWT.  I also have met incredible women that I hope to remain in contact with insha Allah. Sister Amany is beyond a blessing as an instructor and fellow sister. Her love and light shines bright. Learning from her has brought me peace with some of my own spiritual pains and has brought me closer to Allah SWT. It is through her creation of a warm and loving environment that I was able to open up about the death of my father. This isn’t something I have talked to many about. Through love and understanding, it helped me to heal some deep wounds.”

Hope Ali


“When you applied for a universal chaplaincy program, I was intrigued and excited at the prospect of training to be a Hakima. I didn't expect the work to be so personal. I also did not expect the diversity in subjects discussed. And the last session alone we discussed the afterlife racism, self -help and domestic violence. I'm still excited and I think that I've already learned so much from this program. I'm really looking forward to the next three units. My expectations were surpassed. I always wanted a type of mentor or someone to guide me through, discovering my talents and my skills, and I feel like you've done that in this class, and the biggest thing I've learned, there are so many, is that the difference that kindness and empathy brings when you bring it to teaching. I used to have teachers being very strict, very very focused on roles. And by not being like that, I think you really made it easier for us to flourish and learn. - Thank you.” Zahra Awadallah

Zahra Awadallah

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