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Sacred Geometry and Calligraphy

Islamic geometric patterns and scripture writing are major forms of Islamic art.

Islamic geometrical patterns are combinations of repeated squares and circles, which are weaved together to form intricate and complex patterns.

Islamic geometric patterns appear in architecture, places of worship, and maqams of venerated saints. 

In Islamic spirituality, the patterns are believed to be the bridge to the spiritual realm and the instrument to purify the mind and the soul. It speaks of the nature of creation, its transformation, and unity. Its focus is on the void or emptiness as the main nature of the physical reality penetrated by Divine Light and Beauty. In this sense, Islamic sacred geometry is a window into infinity.

Gazing at such beautiful geometrical balance brings rhythm to our brains, beauty to our eyes, and reflection and contemplation to our minds. They provoke our thought and radiate luminous energy. They speak to our souls in a subtle hidden way, so they have healing effects.

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